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Bonding Example

Do you want to close spaces between your front teeth? Do you have misshaped, discolored or unsightly fillings? Bonding may be for you.

Bonding is possible because of advances in new dental materials that allow the dentist to bond a hard resin material directly to your tooth. It is accomplished by applying various solutions to the teeth, applying a resin material that is color matched for your teeth and hardening this with a bright light. Many times, this can be accomplished without anesthetic. Some of these new resins are so hard they can be used to place tooth colored fillings in your back teeth.

Many people call it "instant orthodontics" because spaces can be eliminated in virtually minutes many times with no shots or discomfort. Bonding is also used to correct minor shaping or color problems in the anterior teeth. Does it hurt? No. Cosmetic dentists have many methods available to them to brighten and reshape your smile. You may need to combine bonding with whitening or porcelain veneers to create the smile you've always wanted! Talk with your dentist or a dentist specializing in cosmetics to analyze your specific situation.

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