Lasertone Consulting is a Internet web presence provider. We design web pages, store them on our web server, promote them and offer consultation in all areas of Internet marketing. LaserTone Consulting will take your existing files, brochures and ads, or help develop new ones and convert them to web format (HTML). This can include pictures or graphics as well as sound files. We will design your web page to expose the viewer to the information necessary to promote your products or services. LaserTone Consulting will tailor your information to the specific needs of each potential customer through interactive links on your page as well as those of similar web pages. This will enable each and every browser to explore your site in the way that best suits their particular needs. We can provide order forms to allow customers to place orders on-line! As part of our service we will promote your page throughout the Internet using every available tool. This will increase the number of opportunities your web page will have for greater Internet exposure. Lasertone Consulting accomplishes this through netwide searches and links to other sites on the web.

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